It’s all about taking care of YOU

This year has been challenging in more ways than one to say the least. With so much separation physically from each other and anxiety-inducing news coverage, it’s hard to make sure you still save some time for yourself. Taking care of you and your well-being can be extremely hard during these times.

If you are someone who likes to pamper yourself as part of your self-care, we can recommend some of our favorite “Spa Day” activities from home.

Warm Bath: A warm bath with a bath bomb is usually something everybody enjoys. Our favorite way to make this experience richer is to play soothing music using a bluetooth speaker,  set up some LED lighting to create a relaxing mood, pour in some of our Bath Crumbles and pick up a good book or let yourself daydream while your skin becomes soft and smooth.

Moisturizing: After your nice bath, use our Body Balm or Body Butter to moisturize from head to toe. A moisturized body is a happy one. Once your skin starts glowing, so will you. :)

Self-Massage: While using the Body Butter to moisturize, you could also hit two birds with one stone and self-massage. Work the body butter into your legs, arms, neck and relax your muscles.

Aromatherapy: If you want to take this whole experience a step further, make sure all the products used are lavender for an aromatherapy experience. We use lavender essential oil in our products, the real deal. Use our Zen Life bath crumbles, Lavender Body Balm, and Body Butter.

We hope this inspires you to do something nice for yourself! You deserve it :)

Stay healthy and safe everyone. Sending much love.