Our “Surprise” Box!

With the holiday season in full swing, what better way to celebrate your loved ones than with a surprise they’ll love (and at 50% savings)! 

We have crafted our new “Surprise” box with our family, friends and you all in mind. There are two versions to choose from (a small and large surprise). Both versions include various high-quality beauty products, a handwritten card and jewelry to make the occasion special! Great for birthdays, holidays, celebrations, spa days or any day you want to show someone you care :) 

We put our time, love and effort into making these gifts so you can have the magical moment of opening them and seeing the reactions to such a personalized and beautiful gift. 

If you have a message you'd like included in the handwritten card, please type this in the comment section when placing your order. Also if you have any scent preferences, you can let us know in the comments when placing your order. Otherwise, we’ll put together our favorites for you to try!