Ready to rescue your Lips!

It seems like the average routine for lip balm is “I use it whenever my lips feel dry”. Which is okay, don’t get me wrong. At least you’re using it but seems a little too late to be applying it. What if you could have hydrated lips all day by choosing the right lip balm and applying it at certain times of the day?

Our lip balm routine is applying it once when we wake up and once before going to sleep. Applying it twice daily keeps our lips soft and supple all day (and night) long. With ingredients like vitamin E, coconut oil and cocoa butter, your lips will feel protected while looking great. Choosing between our flavors of lip balm is usually the toughest decision. Our Electric Cherry is great for when you’re going out and feeling bold. Peppermint is a classic, soothing choice while Dreamsicle is a bright, dreamy choice. All of our lip balms generally last anywhere between 1-3 months when following our routine.

We’ve tried to stay creative with the ways you can use our lip balm. Here are a couple more uses:

You can use our lip balm to moisturize dry nail beds and knuckles. Massage a bit into these areas and you’ll have healthier and softer hands.

Since Fall and Winter are coming, you can use this to heal a dry, irritated nose too. Apply around your nasal passages to soothe any irritation (we recommend using our peppermint for this if you’d like to feel a cool, tingling sensation). I know putting lip balm on your nose seems unnatural at first but I tried it one day ~so I could write this blog~ and it works great! Haha a happy surprise).

If you’re applying lipstick and want the best base hydration, apply our lip balm under or over lipstick.

The last use we’ve come up with is using this lip balm as a base for your eyeshadow.  This makes your skin look glossy and hydrated to give your eyeshadow a pop! This can also help your eyeshadow application look smoother and last longer.

Now that you know everything our lip balm can do, feel free to get some and tell us how it works for you!