Bath Crumbles and Bedtime

If you have known us since the beginning, you will probably remember the Bath Bombs we sold in various flavors. They were a beautiful blend of natural ingredients that fizzed when in water but were colorless (read: made without added chemicals). They were soothing and made your skin feel hydrated and glisten after getting out of the tub.

We have turned these relaxing bath bombs into the Bath Crumbles we have today! They are the same product and formula just instead of a cube, they are in chunks. This allows you to sprinkle as much as you need in the bath tub for an evening in. Our lavender-packed Zen Life Crumble is great for any nighttime routine, if you need to relax by yourself after a stressful day or calm restless kids down before going to sleep. Our crumbles can add support and luxury to your life.