Water Beads are your friends

Most of us are so busy in our day to day lives that we don’t stop to think “how’s my skin feeling today?” Or “how do I best moisturize my skin?”. So often we hear people describe their skincare routine and say they apply lotions directly onto dry skin. While that’s not the worst thing you could do, there are better ways to moisturize that actually help retain the moisture.

The best time to moisturize is right after taking a nice bath or shower. Don’t dry yourself off completely! Leave some beads of water behind by patting yourself dry. This way, when you rub your moisturizer of choice into your skin, it also absorbs the excess water left behind. Our Body Balms are the perfect post-shower moisturizer. They are easy to glide along your body and once massaged in, leave your skin feeling smooth with a healthy glow.

If you’ve already showered and are experiencing skin dryness at all (especially during those winter months), try using warm water to wet a washcloth or paper towel. Then lightly dampen the irritated area and re-apply your moisturizer to gain the max benefits for your skin!

The balms are also amazing on tattoos, they make blacks rich and colors pop!